Beacon Equipment by Bo OZ2M

Next Generation Beacons platform

The Next Generation Beacons platform is a high spec and high performance beacon platform that can be used from kHz and into midrange GHz, e.g. ON0EME and OZ7IGY use is on 24 GHz. The Next Generation Beacons platform can generate CW, FSK441, FT8, IBP, ISCAT, JT4, JT6, JT65, JT9, MSK144, Opera, PI4, SBP, T10, WSPR and QRA64. The frequency resolution is lower than 4 uHz on any frequency and the frequency accuracy is 10-12.
The Next Generation Beacons platform is used by the following beacons: DB0HRF, DB0IH, DB0JG, DB0MMO, GB3CFG, GB3MCB, GB3MHZ, GB3NGI, GB3SEV, GB3UHF, IW9GDC/B, ON0EME, ON0SNW, OX4M, OX6M, OZ4BHM, OZ7IGY, PI7SIX, SK4MPI and TF1VHF.


The RFzero is a multi purpose GPS controlled RF and Arduino platform that also can be used as a complete beacon driver unit from kHz to GHz, i.e. it also covers the 4 m band. The RFzero beacon S/W can transmit modes like CW, FT8, JT9, PI4 and WSPR and also be used for syncronized beacon networks like IBP and SBP.

The RFzero deliveres more than 13 dBm on the 4 m band which is the power level needed to drive a Mitsubishi RA30H0608M power module. The RFzero is configured via the USB port that also can be use for uploading new S/W, if needed. Beacons like EI0SIX and SK3SIX use the RFzero.